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Service Growth

Values-Conscious Business

“Everything can be taken from us but one thing - the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given circumstance.”

- Viktor Frankl
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Managing a values-conscious service business


Below are resources to help the small business owner provide effective leadership.

Board of Directors  top^

Board Development Workbooks

The Muttart Foundation has published or co-published workbooks to help charitable agencies examine their methods of operation and different ways of doing business. Five workbooks available.
MF website, linked 08/16

Free Complete Toolkit for Boards

An excellent set of tools for Boards that apply to for-profit and nonprofit organizations.
Free Management Library, linked 08/16

Leadership styles  top^

Being an Effective Leader for Your Organization

A Factsheet that takes a close look at the concept of leadership and provides a number of guidelines for leaders who volunteered, were elected or appointed to help them effectively lead their groups.
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture website, Kim DeKlein & Meg Penstone, linked 08/16

Effective Leadership

A brochure with two templates (Organizational Leadership and Personal Leadership) to help you assess the effectiveness of the leadership in your organization —a 'starter set' to help you take a quick pulse check and map a plan for action.
Conference Board of Canada website, linked 08/16

Effective Leadership Styles

A brief article on some of the most effective leadership styles. Includes tips to help achieve effective leadership styles and provides short definitions on 3 leadership styles: Authoritarian, Participative, and Delegative.
Articlesbase website, Muna wa Wanjiru, linked 08/16

Five Principles to Improve Your Leadership Skills

The article looks briefly at five principles - self-esteem, planning, motivation, delegation, and empowerment - that will improve leadership skills, especially when coupled with the way you recognize your organization's needs and how you can adapt your leadership style to those needs.
Articlesbase website, Abbas Abedi, linked 08/16

Habits of Spiritually Grounded Leaders

An article that looks at the discipline and persistence needed to exercise mindfulness and be a spiritually grounded leader. Includes a related article: Humility in leadership.
AASA website, Scott Thompson, linked 08/16

How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?

Analyze your performance in specific areas of leadership. Complete the online quiz to help you identify where you already lead effectively, and where your skills need further development.
Mind Tools Website, linked 08/16

International Leadership Programme

A 12-day intensive training where participants from many different cultures, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds come together to form an international learning community.
Wyse Website, linked 08/16

Roles for Effective Leadership

Description of five key leadership roles.
Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Inc., Copyright 2008, linked 08/16 for Effective

Rotational Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Suggestions for success when leadership or management positions are shared in rotation.
Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Inc., Copyright 2008, linked 08/16 Responsibilities and

Setting the Stage for Modeling Ethical Behavior

An article exploring how leaders can use modeling to show how to behave ethically with others.
LA Ethics Office, by Jerry Brown, ERC,2004, website, linked 08/16

Soul Lessons of Leaders

Five soul lessons for leaders offered by the author: vision, right relations, analysis, synthesis, and then to stand alone.
Clarion Way website, by Susan Trout, Ph.D., linked 08/16

Styles of Leadership Decision-Making

A description of five options for leaders when a decision needs to be made.
Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Inc., Copyright 2008, linked 08/16 of Leadership

Ten Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

Ten steps to becoming a more effective leader.
Ezinearticles website, George F Franks III, linked 08/16

Ways Women Lead

Engaging and connecting as many women and girls as possible on the journey of self-discovery and empowerment for self and others.
Website, linked 08/16

Worldwide Network for Servant Leadership

A platform, sponsored by the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, to facilitate communication and collaboration on the topic of Servant Leadership, including six groups, a discussion forum, a blog area, and various events listed.
Website, linked 08/16

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